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About Us

     Back in the late 80's Dra. Salmeron started off small working as a dental assistant for other dentists in Mexicali and Algodones, Mexico. She learned the do's and don'ts first hand from some the very first dentists to call Algodones home. She pushed herself through school through some dire straits, sometimes barely having enough money to last throughout the week for the hour and a half long bus commutes from Algodones to the University in Mexicali and back. Dra. Salmeron had to work hard for her degree and in the early 90's was fortunate enough to open her own practice.  

     Throughout the years, she not only gained experience but her quality of work had improved to such an outstanding level that she was elected to become president of the Dental Association in Algodones. She attended and presented at many dental seminars teaching best practices and techniques and paving the road for many future dentists.  As a leader in the dental community in Algodones, Dra. Salmeron was able to accumulate enough funding to build one of the finest dental facilities in Algodones.  She is currently a member of the Algodones Dentistry College and Mexican Dental Association. 

     As Dra. Salmeron's practice had grown over the years, she strategically decided to recruit one of her colleagues and close friends Dra. Connie Ayala to work alongside her.  Dra. Ayala's roots were also in Algodones and she had also become reputable for her quality work and made a name for herself in the dental community. Today, both doctors have an astounding 50+ years combined experience and provide the latest in technological advancements and professional dental work.  Both doctors specialize in both cosmetic and surgical dental work and come highly recommended by many of their satisfied and happy patients. 

Dra. Celsa Salmeron D.D.S.

Dra. Connie Ayala D.D.S.

Call Us Today! : (928) 377-4573

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